Brave Men Run

Issue #3 of glove will be out on October 1st. It costs £2 from me, or via PayPal to £3 UK, £4 EU & £5 Rest of World including postage. The new issue contains the work of 33 different contributors, 24 of whom have never appeared in the magazine before. To give a taste, here’s the back cover photo by Cliona Hensey & a piece of short fiction that I’ve contributed -:

glove 3 back

It was a cold dark night in 2017. The MAN had just finished his late shift and was walking through town to the station when a thought came to his mind that it was really quiet and no one was around. The MAN thought this was a bit weird because town is always crowded and loud, especially on a night time when everyone is going to night clubs.

The MAN carries on walking through town when he comes across a Thomas Patterson in a dark alley right ahead of him. The MAN thinks that the Thomas Patterson is hurt so he walks into the long dark alley to check if it was alright. The MAN doesn’t want to get too close so he stops half way down the alley and shouts over to the shadowed Thomas Patterson; “hey there; are you alright? Do you need any help?” The Thomas Patterson slowly turns around to face The MAN who realises what the Thomas Patterson has in its hand. An axe with blood running off it. The MAN turns rapidly and sprints around the corner with the Thomas Patterson on his tail.

Brave men run in my family

After running for some time The MAN finally gets away from the Thomas Patterson, but knows he has to get his train fast. After a little breather The MAN starts running again. After The MAN finally gets to the station, he discovers all of the trains have gone and he has no other way of getting home.

The MAN walked up the stairs to get out of the station when he heard a raw roar of shouting, screaming and cheering. The MAN peaked his head over and saw a crowd of Thomas Pattersons. There was hundreds with one standing in front of them all, holding a microphone. He must have been the leader. The head Thomas Patterson said “today is the day we start the Thomas Patterson apocalypse. LET’S KILL!!!” All the Thomas Pattersons screamed and shouted, then ran off rioting and smashing all of the shops up. The Thomas Pattersons were armed with axes, baseball bats, knives, golf clubs and stuff. The MAN whimpered and ran back into the station to hide.

Brave men run into the setting sun

The MAN knew he had to find a way out of town as quick as possible. After about 10 minutes thinking about a plan to get out of town without being spotted, The MAN heard talking quite close to him. He realised that there was a group of Thomas Pattersons coming down the stairs into the station. The MAN quickly jumped over a wall to try and hide but unfortunately for him there was a tin can on the other side that The MAN hit and made a noise.

The Thomas Pattersons heard the noise and slowly walked over to the wall that The MAN was hiding behind. The MAN had basically no time, so the only thing he could do was run. Just before the Thomas Pattersons got to The MAN, he jumped back over the wall, barging his way through the Thomas Pattersons, pushing them over and running out the station quickly. With the Thomas Pattersons right behind him, he turned swiftly round the corner into an alley and came to a dead end.

Brave men run into captivity

The Thomas Pattersons have The MAN cornered in a dead end with nowhere to go. As the Thomas Pattersons are slowly walking up to The MAN, he discovers a rock on the floor. The MAN slowly reaches down to pick it up and throws it at one of the Thomas Pattersons, hitting it in the head.  The Thomas Pattersons run at The MAN and take him to the ground, then start beating and kicking him. The lead Thomas Patterson is just about to hit The MAN with an axe when he hears someone shout “oi.” The Thomas Pattersons turn around and see Three MEN walking down the alley with guns aimed at the Thomas Pattersons and shouting “get on the floor now.”

Brave men run in my family

The Thomas Pattersons lay on the floor with their hands on their heads. Three MEN handcuffed the Thomas Pattersons and arrested them while The MAN was stretchered to an ambulance and taken to hospital. The next day The MAN woke up all battered and bruised but relieved that it was all over. For now.

Brave men run away from me









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