Hair (from glove #2)

Issue #2 of glove is out now. Containing 40 pages of some of the most challenging & inspirational writing from outside the mainstream, this issue is even better than the debut one. It is available for £2 from the editor in person, or by PayPal to priced £3 UK, £4 EU & £5 Rest of the World. As a little taster, here’s some flash fiction the editor vanity published -:

Glove 2B

Badly in need of a haircut, I headed to town. It took over an hour and a half to get there due to traffic and the fact I needed to murder a couple of people on the way. I know the barber’s times, so I thought it wasn’t a problem when I arrived at 17.05. However as soon as I walked through the door he said “sorry mate. This bloke is my last cut of the day.”

I referred to the 17.15 last cut sign and the 17.30 closing sign without success. I dug out my wallet, showed a clutch of twenties, offered extra cash. He still said no. I screamed “YOU BONE IDLE CUNT!! I’m on time!! You’re breaking the rules!!” Kicked the seats. Kicked the walls. “You fucking twat.”

I ran outside, stripped naked and started tearing out fistfuls of my hair, screaming “you fucking bastard I NEED a haircut!! I NEED ONE!!” I sobbed to myself in rage, then stood in front of the window and began a process of transferring every fluid within me, from every orifice, with malice, onto the glass. I besmeared it with my essence. I rubbed myself all over the shop front until pain and suffering and bleeding caused me to stop. Then I turned, re-clothed and walked off, smiling at all the onlookers. Including children. Especially the children.

I hate children.

Glove 2A


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