“glove” #2

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Contributions to glove #2 are now open via email to iancusack@blueyonder.co.uk & the following points are intended as a guide for those interested in sharing their work.

  • The guiding principle for glove is that the maximum possible number of writers is included in the 40 pages of text; consequently only one poem or story per writer will be included.
  • Work must not have been published elsewhere; in exceptional circumstances previously seen blog posts can be considered.
  • Your work remains your copyright; once glove #2 is out, do what you want with your words.
  • Writers should send a maximum of 2 stories or 3 poems.
  • Stories should be a maximum of 2,000 words in length & poems 40 lines; only in exceptional cases will longer work be accepted.
  • We are really keen on flash fiction.
  • Contributions should be sent either as Word document attachments or in the body of an email.
  • To save space in the magazine, no writer biogs will be included, but a Twitter handle & / or website address will appear alongside names in the list of contributors on the inside cover.
  • House style is 12 point Cambria for body text & 16 point for headings.
  • Editor reserves the right to change minor details of punctuation.
  • It is intended that the magazine will appear in May 2017 & all those included will receive one copy in return.
  • There is no set editorial policy or ideology, but anything right wing & / or discriminatory won’t be published.
  • Ideally, you will have seen issue #1 so you know what we’re about.
  • The twitter account @GloveLitZine will announce when our deadline is up, as well as making other relevant announcements about the mag.
  • We’re really, really grateful for your interest; all contributions will be acknowledged.


ian cusack

editor glove




One thought on ““glove” #2

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