2 poems from “glove” #1

“glove” #1 exists; the brand new 44 page Lit Zine, featuring 20 contemporary writers at the height of their powers, is finally out….. copies are available via PayPal to iancusack@blueyonder.co.uk for £3 or directly from me for £2 – i can be contacted at the same email address…. please don’t send contributions unless you’ve read the thing….. now, as a taster, here are 2 poems i was compelled to include, to make the page count divisible by 4 -:




What a joy to find you lads here.

The whole world is on track and we will dance as artists,

but do you little guys know who you’re talking to?


When my apple appeared at the Alhalmbra and at the Apollo,

white people stood in the heated dining room.

I assure you they were awfully thirsty and insecure.

You asked to see my little lambs Louise and Mimi, so I unlocked them.


With Louise, I danced the jitterbug and the Charleston,

which are not almost exactly the same.

She provided me with air conditioning and a heater

in return for the 60 years that I danced.


With my straw boater on the side,

I danced for the whole world.

I love dancing. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

The horseman in black socks always danced at a mistaken tempo.



Miserable fucking weather.

Waiting at the lights I saw

tinsel and streamers in the surgical appliance shop.

Took the old gas fire to the dump,

where this woman hunted scrap in the council skip.

Crawled out carrying a brass poker

and a t-shirt saying FUNKY!!!


Me and Phil walked back to the van

and the security lighting failed.


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