The Fulwell End

Issue #22 of PUSH is out very soon; buy it from – he believes it to be best one yet. I’ve a story in there, but for this blog, here’s something I had in issue #21 of PUSH, which will also be in issue #13 of “The Popular Side,” which is available for £2 inc P&P via PayPal to

fulwell end

On May 9th 1973, Sunderland fans performed a full Catholic funeral for the remains of Leeds United, signalling their return to Roker Park after their famous Cup Final victory. A total of 23 different religious creeds and denominations carried out burial rituals for Don Revie’s team after that momentous game at Wembley. The most remarkable perhaps being The Mass Scavenging carried out by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America; an ancient practice that involves throwing corpses around the town, selected randomly from members of a worldwide list of mammalian species, for the wild animals to feed on.

Sometime just after breakfast that Wednesday morning, Liza hit Creepy Crabtree with something hard, knocking him out cold. Slackman, Michael, and Neil MacFarquhar exercised precision and power, of the type subsequently seen in the Kosovan War, to clean up Liza’s place and provide her with an alibi, before heading to the game, proving that as societies become more sedentary, their archaeological record typically seems to be one of garbage disposal.

Sunderland would later lose 3-0 to Queen’s Park Rangers.


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