Keisha Provoost and Twame Monique

A love sonnet, written in December…..


Why do beautiful rosebuds get so lonesome at times?

Are you feeling a bit naughty tonight? Well I really am!

Why don’t we cut out all this bullshit and just, you know, meet?

Are you an adult love muscle enough to handle a dissolute gal?

Are you that guy? I believe you are.

Are you in a wanton mood? Because I absolutely am!‏

I hope you are, as I am entirely prepared for a stunning meeting.

I don’t wanna end up going on a rendezvous with some milksop,

I just need someone to take care of my vicious needs!

I like it when a fellow is confident and can show a cutie a passionate time.

I know what I want; so why the deuce should I wait?

Let’s take that initial step and see if we have chemistry and can play together.

There’s a lewd lady sitting right here with nude personal photos.

Your move, cowboy


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