Contemporary Dutch Love Poetry

I’m a great lover of found poetry & I found these beauties on a train from Amsterdam to Utrecht….


  1. 1.    Continental Videos

Private Stories.

Melissa, a specialised masseuse,

gets a special tool to satisfy Monique and Charlie.

A girl attends an open air show. Two horny boys have the same idea,

but they do not know the show has been cancelled!

That’s why they start their own private open air show … and a happy one.

A couple meet a friend on a sunny beach in Australia.

They decide to let him join the planned sex work-out.


Unter Verdacht.

Some guys are in prison.

Being bored, they tell each other about their sex lives and exploits.

One guy tells how he and his girlfriend make love to Crystal…

this turns out to be a horny threesome.

The Wicked Web.

To fulfil her Cyber Fantasies,

Tabitha Stevens is looking for couples to assist her through the Internet.

Cyber Sex can be just as hot as regular sex with anal-ised action…

your screen will explode.

Takin’ it to the Limit 9.

Bruce Seven and Bionca interview bromide personalities from Pornland

and fulfil their wanton wishes.

Suzi grants Krista’s fantasy of watching a woman get penetrated

in mouth, pooper and pussy.

Maze joins in and shares sticky Jizz smooches with all.

Scott pops a heavily sedated Roxanne

after she’s been warmed up by Sweetie’s probing tongue.

Julian proves himself a ravenous ass gobbler

when he gorges himself on Sloveig’s pink sphincter.

Roxanne returns to be plugged by Decker.

Summer and Sky’s pussies look like flopping groupers in the throes of death

with barbed steel hooks in their slippery, fleshy mouths.

It’s one of the most spectacular lesbian scenes in porn history.

Life on the Streets Volume 29.

When horny rods and hot pussies are having fun, then one should be part of it.

Our Dan really knows how to throw a party and arrange hot moments.

Watch how Dan and his friends get into action with these keen amateur models.


Any cow would be jealous when they saw what these women can produce

and the men spray them with hot fountains of sticky male milk.

All the women make the milk squirt out in all directions,

sometimes when they are being screwed.

Deborah’s Castle.

Deborah’s financial position as the owner of the castle

is not much better than many people who belong to the nobility.

There is a lack of money.

She lets a part of the castle, but the tenants appear to be immoral.

To Deborah’s great pleasure they do everything possible to pay the rent…

including plenty of fist action.

Buttslammers 13

Seven’s tried and true Rubber Gloves and Oil routine goes a long way.

As always the chemistry is electric.

Dildos the size of a Buick appear and do a disappearing act you wouldn’t believe.

In The Heat Of Desire.

An old castle near Paris.

The celebrated mistress invited several people to a bizarre gala.

A young man is not sure whether he feels at ease or not.

Yet he is very sure he would be at ease

close to the skin of the woman next to him.

This contains watersports and double fisting.

Crazy And Horny.

These are the actions of the seven cute boys.

Before they start sucking and screwing they are fooling  around,

playing silly pranks, jogging, taking showers,

take the sleeping father for a ride and devastating an office.

Jeans Boy

Two guys are trying on jeans in a men’s store.

The temptation is too much, seeing the bulge in his briefs.

This young guy cannot resist giving his buddy a blow job.

There is a lot of superb oral action.

The Island Of Doctor Porneaux.

Johnny Rey wants you to meet Dr. Porneaux,

he’s a mad man and he wants more money, more power, more men

and now he wants you to come to the island –

The Island Of Doctor Porneaux.


  1. 2.    Extreme Dildo Fuckers: Volume 16

That’s Life.

Marcel Dupont, a milkman from Paris,

pops into a café for breakfast.

He tempts luck and wins 65 million on the lottery.

This allows him to start a new life

on the earthly paradise of Bora Bora,

a tropical sex heaven!

Mystery of Spain.

In a secret garden,

a girl gets screwed up the ass.

Later, on a lonely road,

a couple have problems with their car.

The girl invites them back to her castle

and offers them champagne, strawberries

and plenty of double penetration.


Getting screwed the soft way is boring,

which is why these hot ones like it the hard way.

Only when the rods get up their arse do they really like it.

They blow, they suck, they come… They love it.


A tale of thugs, three ways, murder, fishnet bodysuits

and lotsa anal sex in the city of Budapest,

underscored by pulsating jazzy-ass music.

Every crease, thrust and nuance of body language

is hyperbolically sexual.

Anal Princess.

An insatiable blonde and four fab first timers

are plundered through the back doors,

which, like always, are wide open.

Cheryl, with ripe fruit cake titties,

takes it in the rear like a real little trooper.

Dusky nymph Marie gets shagged by two studs.

If you have a penchant for watching

delightful young girls being doubly penetrated,

you must see Ann and Leika welcoming

a big fat rod up the arse and another up the pussy.

From Charity To Chaos.

Their favourite teacher is ill and has to stay in bed.

The girl students are worried.

The fine man may need some assistance;

a meal, a nice drink and maybe a massage.

In fact, a lot more hot action follows.

Love Letters.

Love is a battlefield,

that can develop into a lust meadow,

where you can show, without shame, your sexual preferences.

A gang bang orgy between a bride

and some well hung young men,

who shove a huge dildo up her ass

and come all over her.

European Tour.

Last train to Amsterdam.

Butch boy Eric enters the gay capital of the world,

where they screw, lick and blow each other.

These lads have the deepest sexual lust

for juicy fat rods and back door action.

Not to mention deep fisting

and some very large dildos as well.

Military Issue.

Sergeant Kruller is corrupt.

Every night he forces a different guy into sex games.

In the office, Nick must do push ups in his underwear

and then suck Kruller’s stiff weapon.

Back in the dorm, two guys are hot from the noise.

They embark upon a much needed dick sucking spree.

Plenty of arse plunging and mouth work follows.

Meet Ray Harley.

A wise man once said

“It is better to give than receive.”

Here, you can do both.

He’s hot, handsome nad makes your dick twitch

and his straining come suck me cock

says you’ll be wanting more.

Get ready to meet Ray Harley.

  1. 3.    Sandwich

Sweet Teaser; a Shortcut to Climax.

I think a woman may forget her part once in a while among her best friends.

It’s no secret to the boys that I love cocks by two-packs.

So why should I beat about the bush and make eyes at them

when it’s quite clear to everybody that all of us want to fuck?

I like the straight way in to my holes.

Amy’s Amorous Afternoon; Full Throttle into Ecstasy.

During the driving lesson I had noticed a big bulge on the pants of my instructor.

A fat dong seems to be expanding there, I thought.

So I laid my hand on the opulent dick and that settled the matter.

Now we are dashing with his colleague at full throttle speed deep into ecstasy.

Frivolous Flirts; The Bitch Strikes Twice.

I tend to choose the provocative way when it comes to chatting up some fellows.

As soon as it comes to hot facts in my two-hole screwing centre, however,

I turn into a completely uninhibited floozy.

Two stiffies prone to shoot cum are still a hot challenge for me.


Royalty and Loyalty: The Tricks of the Queen of Dicks.

Even when I was a little girl, I never knew whether I wanted to have a lolly or the dummy.

So I took both.

In case when I get to know two blokes whom I quite like, it’s just like in former days.

I catch both dick tips and play with them during the nicely naughty rendezvous.

The Heat of the Moment: Play the Song of Dirty Fucking.

These boys!

They tell me they would like to rehearse a few new songs for the band!

But sheer desire for screwing is written in their faces!

Well I wouldn’t mind a lay!

These spoilt sons of bitches keep baffling me with their kinky surprises!

Alright, I’m going to put some pressure on their cum tanks!


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